Replacing your countertop will cost thousands of dollars. Our quality countertop refinishing service is cost effective & will save you a fortune.”

Benefits of refinishing your countertop over replacing it:

  • Our countertop refinishing service will save you up to 80% over the cost of replacement
  • Countertops are very strong structures & don’t need to be replaced
  • Burns, scratches, chips, & cracks can easily be repaired and then refinished
  • We’ll make your damaged countertop look new
  • The refinishing restoration process can be completed in a matter of hours
  • You will be able to use your refinished countertop in 24 hours

Our countertop refinishing process:

  • De-caulk around countertop
  • Strip countertop, taking all sealants off
  • Repair chips & scratches (chips and scratches are common to be found on countertops)
  • Four step cleaning process (a thorough cleaning is very important for film coating to adhere to the surface)
  • Four adhesive film coatings
  • Four top film finish coatings
  • Caulk surrounding countertop

Types of countertops we refinish or restore:

  • Laminate countertop
  • Ceramic Tile countertop
  • Culture Marble countertop

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