Basement Waterproof, Crawlspace encapsulation and Drainage Contractor Services


Exterior Waterproof

  • Locate all utility lines
  • Excavate around perimeter to footer of foundation wall
  • Pressure wash foundation wall and footer
  • Dry foundation wall and footer
  • Apply Waterproofing coating
  • Install French drain system ( Some cases will need to have a sump pump installed )
  • Grading



Interior Waterproofing Crawl Space or Basement

  • Excavate around perimeter wall about 18 inches width
  • Drill holes in concrete blocks to allow water to flow into French drain system
  • Slope drainage system to the sump pump
  • Pour concrete over drainage system or leave it cover with a vapor barrier
  • Install sump pump




Gutter Drain and Drainage System

  • Inspect the topography of landscape
  • Decide which system will be most efficient. ( french drain system, catch basin system, gravel drain system )
  • Trench the drainage system accordingly to size ( This step is very important )
  • Install drain system ( Some cases will need to have a sump pump installed )
  • Grading

At Universal Refinish we specialize in Waterproofing basement, crawlspace encapsulation, and french drainage . Waterproofing can be a very complicated process, so its best to consult with a professional who has the knowledge to ensure the optimum results. The last thing you want to have is a mess on your hands after a failed waterproofing experiment and loss of money from incorrectly applied waterproofing. We cannot stress enough why it is important to equip your home with the proper waterproofing or drainage system. Call us for a Free Estimate at 770-630-5132.